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September 22 at 12:30pm


“It was terrifying, I didn’t know if he was alive or not,”

11 year old Joshua Williamson feared his father Tommy was dead when he found him slumped on the bedroom floor after his heart stopped.

Despite the initial shock, Joshua remained calm and started to administer CPR, desperately pumping his dad’s chest and keeping him alive until the paramedics arrived. They were then able to deliver a shock from a defibrillator to get Tommy’s heart going again.

Luckily, Joshua had taken part in an emergency first aid course at Sea Cadets a couple of years earlier and was able to use what he had learnt. His incredible efforts have earned him a Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Award for unsung heroes which he will receive on Monday.

Learning the skills to save a life is something that all children should have the opportunity to do. Help us create a Nation of Lifesavers and get CPR taught in schools:

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